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What filter you should choose for your tub

The filter is an important part of a jacuzzi. It keeps the bath water always clean and healthy. Indeed, the filter removes your water from floating particles. It must be maintained and chosen with the utmost care. Follow us to find out which filter best fits your jacuzzi.

The Different Types of Filters for Your Jacuzzi

When you’re looking for a jacuzzi hot tubs for sale, the filter, or more generally the filtration system, is an important aspect to take into account. Spa filters are accessories that help maintain clean, quality water. They also protect your spa from many impurities that could damage it.

There are several types of filters for Jacuzzis, like swimming pool filters. These include sand filters, diatom filters and cartridge filters. Each of its filters offers benefits that can vary from one type of jacuzzi to another.

The Sand Filter

This type of filter uses sand to filter water. The main disadvantage of this accessory is its fineness of filtration which is close to 30 micrometers. Also, sand filters have a larger footprint than other types of filters. In addition, they are not suitable for all types of jacuzzi. They are often found for swimming spas.

The Diatom Filter

This is a spa filter that uses a specific powder to purify the water in your bathtub. This type of spa filter is capable of very fine filtration (3 microns), a real asset when it is known that the filtration of a spa must be as fine as possible. However, it is necessary to monitor the filter’s nanometer to know when to change it.

The Cartridge Filter

This is probably the cheapest filter on the market. It consists of an efficient cylindrical filter system of fine particles (up to 15 microns). Like the diatomaceous filter, it is equipped with a nanometer indicating the level of dirt or the age of the system.

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