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Little tips on how to get the most from your jacuzzi bathtub

We all love the fun parts of owning a hot tub relaxing, reading, testing out our theories about time travel. But alongside all the great times comes a touch of necessary upkeep. Staying on top of bathtub care like cleaning your spa, balancing the water chemistry, and making repairs means your bathtub is prepared for action once you are.

Clean the Spa

Clean the recent tub regularly to stay it looking nice. Speaking of normal spa care, a full cleaning of all surfaces, the waterline and plumbing should happen whenever the spa is drained, which should happen every 3-4 months. Just make certain to NOT use any household cleaning products or soaps. If want to use cleaning chemicals on your jacuzzi bathtubsurfaces, try something like our Spa Cleaner spray to stay out phosphates, nitrates and other contaminants which will negatively affect water quality.

Air out the Spa Cover

Open the recent tub cover a few times hebdomadally to permit it to dry. One of the foremost important belongings you can do to extend the longevity of your spa cover is to get rid of it a minimum of twice per week. Use a spa cover lifter to completely remove it. If you do not have a spa cover lift, gently place it off the spa. Give your cover a couple of hours to breathe and obtain far away from the constant heat and moisture. If you are not using it at the time, this is often an excellent opportunity to feature chemicals or shock the spa if needed.

Add Fill Water

Remember to refill or refill the recent tub during regular bathtub maintenance. This spa care tip is so often forgotten. However, if the skimmer starts to suck air rather than water, it can damage the pump. The water level should be within the middle of the skimmer intake or a touch higher. You do not want it too high, and you never want to overflow the spa, so keep an in depth eye on the water level while filling.

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