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I love love loved the tub I received!

A few months ago, I decided to redo the decoration of our bathroom. I then saved to be able to pay everything without annoying my husband. In the meantime, I began to think about the new appearance I would like to give to this piece, which in a way guarantees much of the well-being of my whole family. I always wanted to have a new bath but I did not dare to tell this project to my husband because I thought it was too expensive.

Secret Mission

I did some research on the internet to get more information about the bathtubs. After making comparisons, I decided to set my choice on the products that a site offers. There is a wide range of baths, spa and jacuzzi. Various shapes, sizes and finishes of hot tubs are offered to buyers. I particularly flashed for a model that I think perfectly adapt to our needs. I decided to go to the order since I finally the sum necessary for the purchase and installation. I went to the site, I completed the order form and then a manager contacted me to confirm the purchase. He told me that delivery will be in a few days.

A nice surprise for everyone

The scheduled date has arrived. I was a little worried because more than once I have had problems with buying online. In addition, my husband was not aware of this purchase, I wanted to surprise him. We rang the doorbell, it was the delivery man of the bathtub. He asked me to check if the goods correspond to the one I ordered. This was the case ! I was relieved. I pointed out the room where now the hot tubs will be enthroned. The installation was done before my husband and children arrived. They were pleasantly surprised. I too am satisfied with my choice and everything that the sales site could do for me. Since then, when I have some stuff to buy about the bathroom, I go to this site to see if it has it.

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