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The different designs of a jacuzzi spa

You want to install a jacuzzi spa inside your home to enjoy moments of relaxation and relaxation in a heated water with massaging jets? As the requirements and possibilities of each home are different in terms of Jacuzzi, it is therefore coherent that the market provides a multitude of models of Jacuzzi for the interior.

Portable spas

The portable spa is a hot tub that can be worn and moved easily. It is more accessible, simple and convenient to install. It is an indoor spa that provides beneficial massage with an affordable price. It consists of a tank in which are incorporated all the essential equipment for its proper functioning: the tarpaulin, the pool, an all-in-one filter that provides heating at the same time as filtration.

Design spas

The spa or whirlpool design is nowadays a very popular spa design. It is a type of tailor-made spa that fits best in the customer's well-being area. As for the stainless steel spa, the spa design adapts to the various options and is especially suitable for the different rooms where it will be installed indoors. Depending on your requirements and your budget, it is possible to enhance your spa design with all kinds of features that further enhance comfort: it is the chromotherapy system, DVD players, aromatherapy system or more LEDs.

Round spas

Round spas are usually small in size. They can accommodate from 2 to 6 people. These are convivial spas par excellence that allow you to chat with friends and relax comfortably. Several types of spas can be round:

  • The built-in spa, securely installed by spa professionals

  • The portable spa, easily placed on the floor

  • The inflatable spa, the most practical to set up

  • The wooden spa, natural and aesthetic

Thus, each spa has its specificities and its benefits. But all combine with the good being. So choose the spa that suits you.


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