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What are the essential spa accessories?

Renowned for its therapeutic benefits, the spa is a wellness tool that everyone dreams of having. However, a poorly maintained spa is not at all attractive and can suffer a lot of hygienic damage. Including several filtration pumps that must at all costs devote time to maintain, if you are a spa owner you should know that there are various essential spa accessories for maintenance, protection, entertainment for make your spa a real place of relaxation.

Accessories for maintenance

There are several types of maintenance accessories such as:
- Products for water treatment:
On the market there are several disinfection products such as Active Oxygen, Bromine PH MB, Chlorine, Ozone… which are essential spa accessories to maintain your well-being tool.
- Products to maintain filtration:
You will find filter cleaning brushes that can be useful to clean your filters at least every two weeks to avoid clogging of the water for the comfort of the spa.
- Product to maintain the spa in winter:
In winter, an insulating blanket that will effectively insulate your wellness tool to maintain the water temperature so as not to damage the latter with this equipment by cooling.

Entertainment accessories

For more entertainment in your spa jacuzzi, you could for example get a floating bar and its 6 champagne flutes which will allow you to drink a glass of champagne during the session. In this we also find the storage shelf that will allow you to enjoy a meal in your spa, then to improve your bathing session, an Ipod station with cable will be very useful for you to listen to your favorite songs head on an inflatable booster cushion. Finally to give your spa a little color, install an LED kit around the water line.


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